Braithwaite Crafts came about from a simple, yet odd, need: a snood. Not the snoods of today, but those of the late 80s/early 90s. The kind that you can no longer buy.

Knowing that what we were looking for was a simple tube made from yarn–big enough for an adults head and long enough to cover said head and the neck–we set out to make one ourselves.

Several months down the line, we’ve made multiple snoods, a plethora of hats and scarves, and a mountain of slouchy socks so comfy you never want to take them off.

Now we’re neck deep in yarn cakes, crochet hooks, and Addi knitting mills. Our goal for this site is to share what we learn, our mistakes, and all the tips we pick up as we venture deeper into the wonderful world of yarn craft.

Who Are We?

Susan T. Braithwaite

Susan is a romantic suspense author from Scotland. When she’s not writing, she almost certainly is no more than a foot from a cake of yarn. From the moment she started her first crochet project, Susan has been hooked by the craft.

You can find Susan on her author site, susantbraithwaite.com

Jez Braithwaite

Jez is a photographer from Scotland. He specializes in landscape and macro photography. When he’s not working on his photo blog, he can be found whipping up a new creation on the Addi.

You can find Jez on his photography blog, jezbraithwaite.blog

Let’s get creative!

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